Gauntlet is an upcoming endgame dungeon challenge coming to Diablo 4 that will reward players with loot and the opportunity to earn gold. Here are the key details about buying Diablo 4 gold through completing Gauntlet.

Gauntlet Release Date

The first Gauntlet dungeon is scheduled for release on March 5th, 2023 with the launch of patch 1.3.3. This will give Diablo 4 players their first chance to test their might against tough enemies and earn lucrative gold rewards.

Gauntlet Gameplay

Gauntlet will provide a weekly endgame challenge for max level Diablo 4 characters. Each run will task players with surviving increasingly difficult enemies and boss fights. Completing objectives within the dungeon like killing enemies and opening chests will earn players "Proofs of Might", a scoring system that tracks performance.

Earning Gold in Gauntlet

Higher Proofs of Might scores will let players reach new ranking tiers called "Seals" like Seal of the Worthy. These seals directly affect the quality of reward chests received at the end of each run. Better chests contain more gold and valuable loot items that can be sold on auction houses for additional gold. Top players who make the weekly Gauntlet leaderboards may also receive special cosmetic rewards.

Buy Diablo 4 Gold from Other Players

While playing Gauntlet is the best way to earn gold firsthand, players may also choose to buy Diablo 4 Gold from other players online through officialBlizzard auction houses. This allows those with less time to remain competitive through gold purchases. Just be sure to only trade with trusted sellers to avoid scams.

With the lucrative gold rewards and competitive challenge of Gauntlet on the horizon, March 2023 will provide plenty of opportunities for Diablo 4 players to both earn and trade gold ingame. Skill, strategy and maybe abit of trading will help amass fortunes in the realm of Sanctuary.